Human Givens: The Facts



•       The average stay in therapy with HG therapists is only 3.6 sessions.*

•       90% of clients see their HG therapist for 6 visits or fewer. *

 •       In a 12-month research programme based in primary care (GP referrals in Luton, UK); over 69% of patients were significantly improved/recovered in under four sessions (Psychology and Psychotherapy, 2009)

 •       A wider study based on the Luton study above, involving 30 HG Therapists, has yielded similar results.

 •       Those with mild to moderate depression were better in half the time when receiving therapy from a Human Givens Therapist compared to alternate therapies **

 •       The average duration of treatment for those with mild to moderate depression was 1 to 2 sessions with Human Givens Therapy compared to an average of 4 for control therapies. **

 •       The Human Givens Emotional Needs Audit  (ENA) was deemed an accurate diagnostic and treatment guidance tool and recommended for inclusion under NICE in UK.**

 •       See also Cathriona’s Masters research conducted at The Dublin Human Givens Centre, in which the average number of visits was between 3 and 4.


* Product of ongoing monitoring by the HGI Practice Research Network (  of HG Therapists


** University of Starffordshire research; accepted for publication in The Mental Health Review


See for further details on ongoing research. See  or  for HG Therapists.