Patricia Gavin

Patricia Gavin

Patricia Gavin

Patricia has been working as a Human Givens therapist in Drogheda, Co. Louth for 15 years. Having initially trained as a physiotherapist, and worked in areas as diverse as maternity services and disability services for children, Patricia gained a lot of experience dealing with family issues.

She joined Parentline and worked with parents, doing both one-to-one sessions and parenting courses for over 15 years. While there she completed the Parents Plus training for facilitators. The Human Givens training provided her with a valuable framework to deal with and assist with the huge range of issues that present themselves in a primary care setting in a compassionate and effective way.

Patricia subsequently gained a Masters degree in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Over the last 10 years Patricia has given workshops on mental health issues to teenagers, parents, people in abusive situations, and people out of work, helping people to understand their challenges and engage their strengths and resources to overcome the difficulties they face.

This wide range of experience helps Patricia to have an array of tools to address any situation.

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