Cathriona Edwards

Cathriona Edwards

Cathriona Edwards

MA (CBT), BA (hons) Psych, HG Dip P, MHGI.

Cathriona is a fully qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist, a registered member of the Human Givens Institute, has a Masters degree in (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and an Honours Degree in Psychology. She also holds a diploma in Executive Coaching and is an experienced psychotherapist, coach, facilitator and trainer.

Cathriona has had a life-long interest in psychology, studying it for her honours degree in Trinity College Dublin, and utilising it in the corporate, therapeutic and educational world.

She spent over 17 years in the corporate workplace in both the private sector (Irish Life Assurance plc) and the public sector (RTÉ; RTÉ Television). She worked in a senior management position in RTÉ, running the Television Press Office for over eight years, managing teams, managing national and international media relations, and working as a trusted advisor to executive management for Ireland’s public service broadcaster.

Her interest in Human Givens is deep and broad. She is energized by the benefits she sees clients experiencing quickly and naturally in their daily lives as they apply the learnings and healing from therapy; and from the education courses she co-runs at the centre with her colleagues. She is continually gratified by the breadth of the approach that can help optimise performance in contexts from sports, to exams, to the workplace; help individuals harness their innate strengths to deal better with the challenges of being human in the world; break cycles of depression and anxiety; help heal and enable people recover from trauma – on a small and large scale.

Cathriona is also a Global Faculty member for SNP Communications, where she conducts training and coaching in communications, management and personal development in Ireland and abroad. She is also a partner in SoCapSo, a boutique consultancy specialising in harnessing and building inner leadership and mastery.

Here is a copy of my Masters research on the Effectiveness of HG Therapy, undertaken at the Dublin Human Givens Centre: Thesis- The Effectiveness of HG Therapy

To contact Cathriona, please phone at 087 647 1120 or email:; Linked-In Profile

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