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Depressed? Anxious? Addicted? Caught up in problems of the past? Overwhelmed? Angry? Bereaved? Having relationship problems? Feeling out of control?

Human Givens Psychotherapy can help. And in as little as 3-4 sessions, on average.*


Our Services

We offer individual, couple and group psychotherapy at the Dublin Human Givens Centre.

Coaching, training and bespoke courses at the centre, and in-house for clients, are also available.

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What Is Human Givens Therapy?

Human Givens Therapy is a bio-psycho-social, brief, solutions-focussed therapy designed to help people feel and function better fast; within three to four sessions on average.*

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How can Human Givens help your career? Cathriona Edwards, in an interview with The Daily Slog, explains how… 

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Dublin HG Centre

We’re based at The Wilde, Suite 305, 53 Merrion Square South, Dublin 2.

Central. Open 7 days a week. Phone us at 01-2894097. Come see us anytime.


“Human Givens Therapy returned me to myself. In just two sessions, I could feel a profound shift. I felt more energetic, hopeful and strong. I’m telling all my friends to go. Now!”

— Audrey, 45 years old


Effective Therapy

Dublin Human Givens provides effective help, fast. Coping mechanisms that work are left intact. Resources are amplified and honoured. Past concerns are alleviated. Energy and confidence are restored.